Try these Different Nail Shapes Everyone is Wearing Now for Your Next Manicure Session

Try these Different Nail Shapes Everyone is Wearing Now for Your Next Manicure Session
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Nail shapes (2)Nail shape zilozoeleka sana ni round na square ,yani wengi tunajua option hizi mbili tu.But leo nawapa nyingine kibaoo za wewe kujaribu and experience them.

Kuchagua rangi ya kupaka ya kucha ni muhima pia kama kuchagua nail shape ipi basi ni right for you,hivi vitu vinaenda hand in hand .Nail shapes (3)

Stiletto nails are current trend in nails. They are long and pointed at the tip. Individuals who sport this style of nail are aware of all the trends and do not mind being in the spotlight.nails (1)

This shape is not as subtle as different shapes can be. Individuals who sport this style are not afraid to try new thing, and they tend to run with experimental or statement styles too.DSC06052

This nail shapes is like stiletto nails, however it is rounded out the tip rather than pointy. The individuals who sport this style are modern, think about quality, and they avoid anything out dated or vintage.nails (4)

Round nail shapes are the most widely recognized and suit practically everyone. Individuals who have this nail shape do not like to attempt new thing with their nails, in spite of the fact that they are extremely trendy with their clothing. Their nails tend to take a back seat instead of being the starnails (1)


Individuals have this kind of nails have a tendency to be amazingly low-maintenance and put little effort into their style. This has a tendency to be the jeans a t-shirt sort of individual.


This kind of nail shape is a blend between square and oval. Those have this shape are not into doing experiments, and have likely had nail shape for quite a while. Their wardrobe has a tendency to be classic, coordinated with their nails perfectly.

nails (2)


This shape is similar to stiletto, but with a squared off tip (that makes it look like a coffin, or in a slightly less macabre description—a ballerina slipper). This is a favorite of Kylie Jenner, and is a cool shape if you want to try something different. You can pull the coffin look off with a natural nail, but it will hold up a lot better with false nails.

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