The Kardashian Were the show stopper at Kanye Yeezy Season 3 Show.

The Kardashian Were the show stopper at Kanye Yeezy Season 3 Show.
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Okay speaking of show stopper there is no doubt kuwa zaidi ya collection ya Kanye kujazwa na watu nakuongelewa mitandaoni,the Kardashians made sure that they left people talking about their outfits.kim

Tukianza na Kim ,she wore Kanye’s Design hapa kanye amekuwa kidogo glamour sio tu u hardcore he can do  Glamor too.Kim left a lot of cleavage kwa hii dress akamalizia na this oversized fur coat.Na she was spotted with her new Blonde look.311C388600000578-0-image-m-18_1455241918620North West

Kendall alimbeba Baby North on the show 311C3FFD00000578-3443048-image-m-55_1455242404501

Muonekano mzuri wa Kendall ,i love the boots the beads were nicely made on the boot na Sweta dress ilochanika na matobo kibao.311C3CA400000578-3443048-image-m-62_1455242546549

With her favorite Daughter here is Momeger Kriss 311C92A000000578-3443048-image-a-63_1455242554879

Caitlyn na Kriss

Sisters kwa back stage311BDDE800000578-3443048-image-m-58_1455233239875

Lamar alienda kwenye show kama nlivyo waambia jana na hii ni his first public appearance tangu alazwe na kuponea kifo kwa drug abuse.311BDDCC00000578-3443048-image-a-46_1455232834393

He looked good

Caitlyn I see You 311BD08900000578-3443048-image-m-37_1455231341131

Watu walikuwa full kusnapchatika311BED9C00000578-3443048-image-m-44_1455232284588

50 cent alikuwepo ,hata Balmain Designer Olivier ,model Karlie Koss 311BF3F400000578-3443048-image-m-57_1455233110366

Kendall na Caitlyn wakivaa sare 311CA5A400000578-3443048-image-a-40_1455241991736

The fam311C388600000578-3443170-On_trend_family_Kanye_helped_design_the_Kardashian_Jenner_clan_s-a-153_1455237369950311C926500000578-3443048-Arms_in_the_air_Kylie_and_Khloe_couldn_t_help_but-m-21_1455241182479

Kylie Jenner 311BD08900000578-3443048-image-m-37_1455231341131311BF32500000578-3443457-Cuddle_buddies_Kanye_was_given_a_loving_embrace_by_his_mother_in-a-21_1455244140889

Caitlyn na Kanye311C87AD00000578-3443048-image-a-16_1455241031783

kriss na boyfriend wake Corey


Jay Z

Kampuni ya Jay Z Tidal ndo ilirun the live stream of the show ,business with pleasure .guest

Karlie Kloss,Jonathan Cheban na 50 centpage

lil Kim and Rocky311C8A6B00000578-3443048-image-a-38_1455241594637

King Tyga 311C8AFF00000578-3443048-image-m-37_1455241586173

actor Omari Hardwick


Jaden Smith and his girlfriend Sarah Snyder311CBF9200000578-3443048-image-m-94_1455244167700

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