The Most trending Wedding of the Weekend #BAAD17, We Attended and here are the Photos
Ile couple ya Ki Nigeria ambayo ina trend toka siku yao ya engagement to their traditional wedding ambayo tulipost pictures zao na sasa weekend hii walifanya white wedding huko South Africa. Kama hukucheki their traditional wedding basi ingia kwenye hii link HAPA ,bi harusi Adesua alivaa nguo nne,utapata na ideas za mishono mbalimbali. Am sure… (0 comment)

Got Married in Jeans,Biker Jackets and Bandanas???Teyana Teylor and Iman Shumpert Wedding
A couple that do things their own way Ditched the classic weddings with white dress,tuxedo and chapels Model and singer Teyana Teylor and her husband NBA player Iman Shumpert got married in a way couple nyingi hazifanyi hivyo ,walikwenda very simple hakukua na mambo mengi wala nini. What i loved about their wedding ni outfits… (0 comment)

Shawntaye and Ronald’s  Vow Renewal
“The renewal of vows is a reaffirmation of commitment to your soulmate, a celebration of marital achievement, and a testament to the endurance of love throughout the trials of time. Whether the years seem to pass by unnoticed or each day an endeavor, your relationship milestones are beautiful achievement. Ten years and two loving sons… (0 comment)

Sade & Ayo’s Beautiful Wedding
Mnapokua childhood sweethearts to soulmates Sade & Ayo have known each other for 16 years. Even when some people might have thought they were too young to know love, they always knew they had something special. Today this young love had blossomed into something magical, the two are now husband and wife!            … (0 comment)