Movie To Watch : The Mountain Between Us.
Who doesn’t love the weekend huh? So for this week a movie we recommend is “THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN US”. The main characters are Idris Elba and Kate Winslate, they are struggling to survive after getting lost in the mountains.. don’t let me spoil everything for you, just check out this short trailer and go watch… (0 comment)

Movie To Watch : Flatliners
The weekend has just began and there are plenty of movies to watch out there!, but have you seen “FLATLINERS”? A group of young people figure out a way to go back and forth from dying, but little did they know that the other side is slowly pulling them.. check out a short trailer below..… (0 comment)

Movie To Watch : American Made.
Happy Friday lovers, If you are planning to “netflix n chill” this weekend then that is perfect, with this chill weather we recommend a funny movie with a lil bit of history. Kama umeshaona series inaitwa Narcos then utailewa zaidi hii movie, cheki short trailer below, we are sure you will enjoy this one.… (0 comment)

Movie To Watch : Annabel 2
Eid Mubarak Loves, why not celebrate today with a little horror movie. If you have seen Annabel part 1 then hii ndio story inayoonesha ilikuaje hadi Annabel akatokea. Kwa wanaotaka to get the real thrill it is now at the movies , See the short trailer below… (0 comment)