Work Wear Ideas to Wrap up February
Hello corporate chicas,hii ni wiki ya mwisho tumalize mwezi february tukaribishe March ambapo kuna siku ya wanawake duniani. Ideas za nini cha kuvaa hizi hapa Sasa hivi kila kona ni culottes na wide leg trousers si mbaya uka invest in one tena black ili uivae to death  cullotes ndo habari ya dunia  suit up maxi… (0 comment)

Work Outfit Ideas Enought for 2 Weeks
#Issa Chooseday what are you choosing ???chasingpaper??being happy??loving you ??? Tucheki Work outfit ideas ambazo zitatosha for two weeks Turtle neck top with nice fitted trousers  floral are the best to brighten up your day and looks skater skirts are fun and so girly    culottes and croptop you can also belt a blazer ukavaa… (0 comment)

Let’s Wear Kitenge for Work This Week
We are dedicating this week kwa corporate chicas kuvaa vitenge iwe skirt,top ,blazer ,dress you name it mradi tu iwe appropriate for work. power kitenge suit  simple kitenge dress statement kitenge skirt with top love this top jumpsuit  white bow top  and trousers here opt for a blouse and wide leg kitenge trousers  … (0 comment)