Ezran Miller Camp Met Gala Makeup Look is an Illusion

Ezran Miller Camp Met Gala Makeup Look is an Illusion
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Met Gala 2019 tuliona mengi ,but what stood up for me kwenye beauty ni makeup look ya actor and singer Ezran Miller ambaye ukicheki hii makeup look yake waweza umwa kichwa,ni illusion kwamba ana macho mengi anad you cant decide which eye to look au lipi linakuangalia.

This makeup look from Mimi Choi is next level Camp sababu its one of its kind sio kitu kipya but kwenye red carpet ndo mara ya kwanza kuona.

Ezran Miller

Miller first hid his incredible makeup behind a face mask, but then pulled it away from his face to reveal five extra sets of eyes. His makeup artist Choi is known for creating unique optical illusions with makeup. A quick scroll through her Instagram and you’ll find more than just extra eyes, but also faces covered in swirls, intricate paintings, and even miniature versions of said face

Kuna many makeup artist ambao wali re create huu muonekano ,one of my favorite ni makeup artist toka hapa hapa kwetu bongo Nasra kaseja


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