Esé and Eric’s New Year’s Eve Wedding #EE2G17

Esé and Eric’s New Year’s Eve Wedding #EE2G17
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Esé the founder of Esé Azénabor clothing company ni Mnigeria anaeishi Marekani ,she is amazing at her work alifunga ndo mwaka huu na Eric a real estate practitioner and CEO of Grembowski Investment Group.

How We Met
By The Bride-To-Be, Esé

Eric and I met online, Zoosk to be specific (I am not sure if it still exists). Eric joined Zoosk because he thought it was a site to expand his network in his Developing and real estate business which I found extremely funny. I joined because a friend signed me up and wanted me to get out there and start dating again. In 2013, I was still new in the fashion industry and I needed to focus on work and I wanted to put dating on a back burner. I never went out, I was always home working and trying to develop my brand.

Eric had seen me on Zoosk and decided to add me on facebook and send me a message. This was in November of 2013. We talked online for about a month and decided to meet face to face for sushi. I will never forget our first meeting. As we ate and talked, I just knew 100% that this man seating in front of me was going to be my husband. I don’t know how to explain it. His charisma, the way he talked, his intelligence, his point of views and his values were just so on point to me, it almost freaked me out. This has never happened to me before. I have been in serious relationships before Eric but I have never felt like “this is the one” until I met Eric. I had a wedding to attend on NYE of 2014 and I asked Eric to be my date and we made it our “official first date”. After we rang in 2014 together, we were never apart since then. Eric says he knew I was “the one” on NYE 2014.

Our Proposal
 Eric Proposed to me January 21, 2017. This was a day after my birthday. He planned a surprise birthday party for me and it ended up being an engagement party. I am Type A person and I still till this day do not know how he planned it without me finding out. He invited all my friends and family. I was truly surprised. One of the best moments of my life.



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